The Caregiver Core Training (CCT) is a competency-based training required for all licensed foster parents in Washington State. The 24-hour CCT is comprised of two distinct modules and a field experience. Amara now offers this training at our Seattle office in partnership with the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) and other Child Placing Agencies (CPAs) throughout the year. This training is required for all Amara families.

Upcoming training dates at Amara (Tacoma): Friday November 9, Friday November 30, Saturday December 1, Friday December 14th.

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This all-day workshop builds on the knowledge gained in CCT and offers a deeper exploration of topics at the core of successful fostering and adopting. We’ll cover how trauma presents in children and how caregivers can respond, how to create openness in your home and build relationships with a child’s family, and discuss considerations in preparing for transcultural/transracial caregiving. We believe that everyone enters the role of parenting with room to grow and we offer this workshop as a way to learn alongside fellow Amara families, encourage self-examination, think ahead about how you can strengthen your existing support network, and grow your skills in preparation for the unique path of foster parenting.

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This workshop is presented by Angela Tucker, Director of Post-Adoption Services at Amara and Founder of The Adopted Life. Adopting, fostering and/or caregiving transracially requires caregivers to have sustained and healthy discussions about race and culture. The workshop includes facilitated discussions about privilege, implicit bias, micro-aggressions, and an adult adoptee panel. Participants will engage in activities to become more comfortable talking to others about race and culture, particularly within the framework of transracial adoption. As a transracial adoptee herself, Angela will share her personal experiences to support a deeper understanding of the lifelong impacts of racial awareness and the transracial adoptee.

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This three-hour workshop explores the complexities of sibling relationships, particularly for children who have been in foster care. Using presentations, exercises, and small group discussions, we explore family expectations, blending challenges, growth and stabilization cycle, and preparation. We consider how foster and adoptive parents can understand their children’s identities as individuals as well as members of their birth and adoptive families. This training is optional.

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This optional four-hour workshop provides a safe place for LGBTQ couples and singles to reflect upon the milestones that led to the decision to foster. It offers an opportunity to explore ways in which LGBTQ families are wonderful and different from other families.

Participants will focus on ways to prepare for the unique challenges that may arise throughout the fostering and/or adoption process and continue into parenthood. This workshop is recommended, but not required, for LGBTQ couples and singles who are pursuing fostering through Amara.

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Amara offers monthly support group meetings for Amara foster families. Typically, a guest speaker will discuss a topic related to foster care, followed by Q & A. Foster parents will join small discussion groups to exchange experiences on a more personal level. Dinner, beverages, and childcare provided.

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PEPS Network LogoIn response to requests from Amara families, we are partnering with the Program for Early Parent Support or PEPS to offer a structured model of neighborhood-based peer support for foster and adoptive families. Since 1983, PEPS, a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization, has helped parents connect and grow as they begin their journey into parenthood – PEPS parent support programs educate, inform and create community.

If you would like to join or run a group in your neighborhood, please contact to learn more.

Infant, Child, and Adult CPR/AED, First Aid, and Blood Borne Pathogen Training
A hands-on learning course that will provide you with a 2 year certification in Infant, Child, and Adult CPR, First Aid, and Blood borne Pathogens. This course is available to Amara families and volunteers. This training is required for all Amara families and volunteers.

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This course teaches prevention of, and positive intervention in, children’s challenging behavior. You will learn preventative strategies and techniques for de-escalation and communication. The class focuses on working with children in the foster care system, and it will greatly benefit both families and Sanctuary volunteers.

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