Hot Off the Press – Our Very First Issue of The Crossroads

Katherine Joseph, Partnerships & Events Associate The very first issue of The Crossroads – Amara’s Quarterly Bulletin has now hit inboxes. We’re launching this new community newsletter to prompt dialogue, collaboration, and innovation throughout the child welfare field. This forum will be a platform to share inter-organizational news and resources, and to highlight original writing from professionals and stakeholders advocating for children and youth. What to look

Community Conversation: Addressing the Needs of Foster Youth & Families in Pierce County

Every day, foster youth, kids, and families in Pierce County face challenges that impact their ability to thrive. Join Amara and Treehouse for a Community Conversation about these issues, the work that both our organizations are doing to address them, and how you can get involved. 6:00 pm: Cocktail reception 6:45 pm: Panel presentation - hosted by Janis Avery, Treehouse CEO, and John Morse, Amara

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More than Just Fun: Achieving Better Outcomes For Kids Through Positive Activities

John Moore, The Children’s Fund Executive Director Amara is proud to be partnering with the Children’s Fund to expand opportunities for children who stay at our Emergency Sanctuary in Tacoma. In the interest of raising awareness about resources for our community’s kids, we’re pleased to highlight the Children’s Fund. It's not easy to recover from childhood trauma. Yet research has shown that through positive experiences,

Reaching for the STARs: Launching the Amara Adoptee Mentorship Program

By Angela Tucker, Amara Post-Adoption Program Manager On my first day at Amara, I was greeted by an Excel spreadsheet: A program outline created by 12-year-old adoptee Davon Carroll. The document was entitled TSSP, which stood for “The Stay Strong Project,” and it was a proposal for a new mentorship program for Amara adoptees, many of whom were in foster care. Davon’s detailed outline included

The Magic Is in the Method: How Data Will Help Our Kids

Aaron Edwards, foster/adoptive parent and data professional Last November, when Governor Inslee's Blue Ribbon Commission recommended sweeping changes to their human services branches, I was all ears. Their proposal to combine related but disparate departments into a unified, cabinet-level Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) resonated with me for several reasons. As a foster-adoptive parent and longtime advocate and caregiver for children, it makes

A much-needed new approach for state’s foster-care system

By John Morse, Executive Director There is no shortage of reports and stories in the print and social media about the dire state of foster care in our state and throughout the country. Statistics reinforce the message: Half the roughly 9,000 children in care in Washington are 5 years old or younger, one-quarter of these children have lived in five or more homes, and annual state

WATCH: Amara Makeover Before and After in 60 Seconds

Over the course of a week, a team from IKEA Seattle transformed two of our most important meeting rooms into fun, comfortable, welcoming spaces. Our Giraffe room is now full of child-friendly furniture and toys, and the icing on the cake is – what else? – a giant giraffe stencil on the wall. Elephant is stocked with sleek furniture, setting us up for productive meetings. These two

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Going “Back to School” to Support All Families and Children in Foster Care

For over three hours yesterday, Amara staff learned and discussed how we could better support families and children in foster care. The Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s All Children – All Families project led the workshop on improving LGBTQ cultural competency. We heard from a family who embraced learning about mentoring and caring for a gay foster youth, and also from LGBTQ youth in foster care

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Coming Soon to Amara: Support for Adoptees, by Adoptees

Adoptee-centric programming is coming to Amara! Angela Tucker, our new Post-Adoption Support Manager, is developing platforms for Amara alumni families to network, build a sense of community, and access resources. She’s also developing adoptee-centric programs, developed by and for adoptees and foster youth, drawing on her deeply held belief that adoptee connections can provide a unique source of empowerment and connection. The adoptee mentorship program

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Foster Care Licensing Is Getting a Technology Facelift

The process for families to become foster parents is about to get streamlined. We are helping build a new online portal that will let families log in, track their progress, and upload their own documents. Known as Oliver, it’s based on a platform by data and child welfare experts Partners for Our Children, who are developing the portal. “We’d heard from our families that it can

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