Sanctuary Stories: How Hair Care Products Help Kids Feel at Home

by Sarah Wheeler - Emergency Sanctuary Program Manger, Pierce County When kids are removed from their home for their own safety, everything familiar and comfortable is suddenly gone. When they come to stay with us at the Emergency Sanctuary everything there is new and unfamiliar. So we strive to learn as quickly as possible what would make children more comfortable and do our best to provide

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Instant Family – To See or Not to See?

Instant Family is a new film in theaters now that chronicles one couple's journey becoming foster parents in the hopes of adopting. The film is based on director Sean Anders’ personal experience adopting three siblings from foster care with his wife. It has received a warm welcome from online reviewers and has been lauded by adoption agencies as a great recruitment tool that realistically presents

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Going With the Flow: Our Foster Care and Adoption Journey

By Tatiana and Derek, Amara Alumni parents Tatiana & Derek: We had been in the child search phase, but decided to put referrals on hold a few weeks before our wedding in order to plan. And then just after that, two weeks before our big day, we got a call from Quenby, our Amara caseworker. She told us that a State caseworker remembered us from

[VIDEO] Why Birth Family Connections Matter: The Story of Three Sisters

By Angela Tucker, Post-Adoption Program Manager Just three months into Amara’s Post-Adoption Program, I received a phone call: “Hi, my name is Mariya. I think my biological sisters were placed for adoption through your agency about a decade ago. I’d like to know what I need to do in order locate them, and possibly meet them? And, by the way, my mom – their

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On Siblings, Stability, and Being Together

I spent a shift at our Emergency Sanctuary recently, and out of four kids, there were three siblings: Two twin boys and their sister. The twins had the same birthday as me, so I told them that we were triplets. Kids inspire that sort of humor even when it falls flat. For a child, entering foster care is an upheaval: They’re leaving their parents, their

Family Story: Welcoming a Trio of Siblings

Greg and Susan came to Amara planning to parent one kiddo, but they opened their hearts and their home to a trio of siblings: Curtis, Coara, and Cannon. The kids had been through a lot before entering foster care, and from there the turmoil continued; Greg and Susan were their fourth placement in just nine months. But with stable, loving care, the kids have grown

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Tiny Ferocious Boy

During my last sleepover shift at the Sanctuary, we welcomed a sibling set. After getting everyone settled and into their beds, we anticipated the coming of a busy morning. I found myself caring for the youngest boy of the group. Barely a toddler, he seemed so small to me. He wrapped his thin little arms around me, and pressed his cold hands to my chest.

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Father’s Day: A New Reality

I grew up in rural Louisiana, so far out in the country that we had only two industries; farming and families. I knew from an early age that the former was not the life for me. When I came out at age 25, I assumed that I had given up the latter.   I have always loved children but I never thought that it would be

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Instant family: going from 2 to 5 overnight

Jacob and Trina have always been the adventurous types. Within a few years, they earned their Doctorates in Psychology (Jacob in pediatrics and health psychology and Trina focused her work on victims of childhood trauma and abuse), traveled around the world, and spent two years in Costa Rica with the Peace Corps. When it came time to start a family, no two people seemed better

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I got two dads and my own room: an adoption story

I know a lot about being adopted because I was adopted when I was seven, along with my sister, Harmoney. I was living with my uncle. He was a great uncle, but was not ready to be a parent. I have two cool dads that love me very much and are so caring and loving I love them so much, too. My sister Harmoney is

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