Why Family Visits are so Important

Imagine sitting with a child who is asking you, “When will I see my mommy again?” and having to answer, “I don’t know.”  It’s important for parents and children to stay connected since the goal of foster care is to safely reunite children with their families.

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2016 Stella Mae Carmichael Award Recipients

Dan and Alicia always wanted to have kids, but they never really expected to have five. “I think we kind of dare each other along,” says Dan about how their family grew, although Lyle was a surprise. “There are choices for building our family that would be easier but we are committed to not making choices out of fear.” When their second placement was reunified

How do you have the capacity to love 78 children? The Madisons show us how

"Oh, we talked about it before we decided to be foster parents," says Karen Madison very matter-of-factly. "We did?” questions her husband Ted, with a crooked smile on his face and twinkle in his eye. As a child, Karen always wanted to have an orphanage.  As a newly married couple in 1967, their home wasn't quite equipped to care for scores of children simultaneously. But

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Reunification: The Heroism in being a Foster Parent

"In asking the foster parents to take on the task to help the boys successfully move back home, I was overcome by their heroism." I recently spoke with a two-dad foster-adopt family about a difficult transition that was fast approaching. The two boys the couple had fallen in love with and parented with heart and soul for seven months were being reunited with

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Can You Feel The Love Tonight?: After Hard Work, An Adoptive Family Settles In

Siblings Zoe and David reunited If there’s one way Jay and Sarah can measure their family’s adjustment since taking placement of two children under one year old, it’s their Christmas tree. “The first year we had the kids we got our Christmas tree and it took us a full week to get it decorated,” says Sarah, “and all the Christmas decorations didn’t get

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Foster parents are heroes!—they care for society’s most vulnerable children

“Heidi and Randy Farlow’s capacity to give is extraordinary. And yet they don’t think of themselves as extraordinary—they just want to do the right thing for the children.” Amara’s Stella Mae Carmichael Award winners for 2012 with Adam Cornell When Adam Cornell, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney of Snohomish County, spoke these words during the Amara Luncheon on Monday, May 14, he was about to

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