We’re Published! The Inclusive Family Support Model

We are so proud to see Amara’s Post-Adoption work published in the Journal of Child and Family Social Work! The Inclusive Family Support Model (IFSM) was conceived and authored by our director of Post-Adoption Services, Angela Tucker and Dr. JaeRan Kim of the University of Washington Tacoma.

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How Adoptees Are Shaping Post-Adoption Services

by Angela Tucker In early April, I journeyed to Amherst, Massachusetts to present at the UMASS Rudd Adoption Research Program Conference. The conference is an annual gathering of academics from all over the United States where the biggest names in research, including Ruth McRoy and Ellen Pinderhughes, were on hand to represent their work on family preservation, openness in adoptions for birthmothers, minority recruitment, and racial identity development. Armed with

To Tell or Not to Tell: When Adopted Children have Difficult Histories

Adoptive parents often worry about how to talk to their children about the difficult history that may be part of their life story. Is withholding information ever the best choice? How could hearing bad/sad news ever be in a child’s best interest? Whose story is it? What are we afraid of? This workshop for adoptive parents will provide a child-centered framework for building deep trust when

Reaching for the STARs: Launching the Amara Adoptee Mentorship Program

By Angela Tucker, Amara Post-Adoption Program Manager On my first day at Amara, I was greeted by an Excel spreadsheet: A program outline created by 12-year-old adoptee Davon Carroll. The document was entitled TSSP, which stood for “The Stay Strong Project,” and it was a proposal for a new mentorship program for Amara adoptees, many of whom were in foster care. Davon’s detailed outline included

Love Letters: My Work On Amara’s Adoptee Correspondence Project

By Claudia Marchen, Work-Study Program Intern As the Post-Adoption program intern, I often act as a mailroom for the heart: I forward correspondence between Amara birth and adoptive families, acting as a hub for these connections. The correspondence we receive and forward all year, and the stream of Christmas letters and packages we handled during the holidays, is a testament to families’ desires to know

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Envisioning Post-Adoption Support: My First Gathering With Parents

By Angela Tucker, Amara Post-Adoption Support Manager The Amara headquarters bustled with an electrifying energy, as children played on the playground, and created chalk art in the sunshine. Nearby their parents, 30 families in all, gathered with me for a special Post-Adoption Conversation. “I imagine that many of you have straddled the line between desiring more support, but feeling hesitant about re-engaging with ‘the system,’”

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Coming Soon to Amara: Support for Adoptees, by Adoptees

Adoptee-centric programming is coming to Amara! Angela Tucker, our new Post-Adoption Support Manager, is developing platforms for Amara alumni families to network, build a sense of community, and access resources. She’s also developing adoptee-centric programs, developed by and for adoptees and foster youth, drawing on her deeply held belief that adoptee connections can provide a unique source of empowerment and connection. The adoptee mentorship program

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