Helping Toddlers Develop Healthy Emotional Skills

In this workshop, attendees will be provided with information on emotional and coping skills in children in order to understand ways to support their emotional development. Opportunities will also be provided for attendees to apply the information to their own family. Although much of the information presented will focus on parental relationships, this workshop would also be relevant for others working closely with infants and

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Trey and Jen’s Fostering Experience

"I think there is something unique that LGBTQ folks can provide for kids..." For this Podcast, we sat down with two Amara staff who are also proud Foster Parents and part of the LGBTQ+ community. They talk about their experiences as foster parents, Amara's participation in the 2018 Pride Parade, and advice for people in the LGBTQ+  community interested in becoming foster parents.

To Tell or Not to Tell: When Adopted Children have Difficult Histories

Adoptive parents often worry about how to talk to their children about the difficult history that may be part of their life story. Is withholding information ever the best choice? How could hearing bad/sad news ever be in a child’s best interest? Whose story is it? What are we afraid of? This workshop for adoptive parents will provide a child-centered framework for building deep trust when

Being the Foster Parent You Want to Be: A Simple Writing Tool for Weathering the Storms

By Tricia Lambie, Amara caseworker As parents, we aspire to be our best at every moment, but it’s not always easy – sometimes it can feel downright impossible. I’ve been a social worker for 16 years working with foster families, and when you’re a foster parent, it’s safe to say that you may get thrown an extra curve ball or two. Imagine this: You’re fostering

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Trusting Ourselves: How We Learned to Advocate for Our Kids in School

By Vickie, Amara Alumni parent This is Part Three of a three-part series on educational advocacy for children in foster care. Read Part One here. Read Part Two here. According to the National Working Group on Foster Care and Education, kids in foster care, on average, transit through 2.8 living arrangements in their first foster care stay, and are twice as likely as other kids to

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Foster/Adoptive Families, Get First-Hand Experience by Volunteering at our Emergency Sanctuary

As Amara’s outgoing Volunteer Coordinator, I have really enjoyed this last year of helping volunteers get the support and resources they need for working with kids at our Emergency Sanctuary. Volunteering at the Sanctuary has proven to be a great way for volunteers to get experience with kids in the foster care system, including families who are working on their foster license. I’m excited to see more

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One Family’s Story: Angela, Maria, and Jocelyn

Reposted from the Human Rights Campaign blog We never actually thought we’d become parents, but slowly, the “Mommy Bug” hit. We talked it through for a good period of time, and when we decided to move forward, settled on foster to adopt because it fit both who we are and what we believe about the world. We wanted to be parents and we believe that

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Closure: The open adoption spectrum

I have had the great fortune to get to know Amara’s wonderful staff over the past year. Their love for the birthparents they work with, the prospective adoptive families they serve, former adoptive parents and the adoptees themselves, is clear. This is true in many ways, including their interest in promoting Closure as a source of educational material for their clients. Personally, I am so

Easing Holiday Stress for Children and Parents

As a mom of three children under the age of nine, I love working among seasoned social workers who work with parents and children every day. I often pick up parenting advice that makes me pause and think: “What could I do differently to be a better mom to my children?” A Father reads a story to his children Last week, one of

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How food strengthened our adoptive family

Chefs Harmoney and Davon - Brussels sprouts are now their vegetable of choice! On a Thursday afternoon two years ago, Christian and I received a phone call from our Amara social worker. Siblings Harmoney and Davon were in need of a family. Three hours later, we welcomed the children into our home. They were four and seven years old. We really had no

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