Voices from Foster Care: Katie Biron

“Walk Alongside Them...” In honor of Foster Care Awareness Month and Mother’s Day, we are sharing the stories of seven amazing parents through foster care. These parents inspire and challenge us! We are so grateful for their dedication and love. Katie Biron is a mom many times over. She is the adopted mom of two children; she is the biological mom of two children; and

How Adoptees Are Shaping Post-Adoption Services

by Angela Tucker In early April, I journeyed to Amherst, Massachusetts to present at the UMASS Rudd Adoption Research Program Conference. The conference is an annual gathering of academics from all over the United States where the biggest names in research, including Ruth McRoy and Ellen Pinderhughes, were on hand to represent their work on family preservation, openness in adoptions for birthmothers, minority recruitment, and racial identity development. Armed with

Open adoption, one son’s perspective

To answer the question What Makes a Family, we invited one family to share their story. Diane wrote about her decision to make an adoption plan. Judy wrote about becoming a mom through an open adoption. This is part two, from the perspective of the son, Damien. When I was eleven,  I was invited to take part in a foster care support group for kids who were in touch

Closure: The open adoption spectrum

I have had the great fortune to get to know Amara’s wonderful staff over the past year. Their love for the birthparents they work with, the prospective adoptive families they serve, former adoptive parents and the adoptees themselves, is clear. This is true in many ways, including their interest in promoting Closure as a source of educational material for their clients. Personally, I am so

Sisterly Bond: The Relationships Between Adoptive and Biological Siblings

When I was eight years old, my parents adopted a little girl from Vietnam.  We had a fairly large age difference being five years apart.  What’s more, we couldn’t have been more different.  The only thing we shared was our stubbornness. Growing up, my sister and I did not get along and our differences were always very apparent.  However, right before I went away to

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Closed Adoption versus Open Adoption: A Personal Story

Grace's portrait of her adoptive family. Editor's Note: While both open and closed adoptions were once possible in the context of former Amara programs, foster care is by definition open. Amara currently supports open adoption agreements because we believe that, despite their complexities, they offer crucial benefits to children, birth parents, and adoptive parents. When my husband and I started the adoption

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She asked me if I would adopt her son

To answer the question What Makes a Family, we invited one family to share their story. Diane wrote about her decision to make an adoption plan. Damien wrote about meeting Judy and joining her family. This is part one, from the perspective of Judy, Damien's adoptive mother. Really and truly, Damien arrived on our Queen Anne doorstep one dark and stormy night 28 winters ago. There he stood, two-and-a-half years

Can social media support open adoption relationships?

Social media is all around us – and most likely – here to stay. What does this mean for open adoption relationships? Whether you are a birth parent or an adoptive parent just establishing or already maintaining an open adoption relationship, you can discover the usefulness of social media and integrate it into your open adoption communication. What is open adoption in the first place?

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