Farewell Reflections: Thinking Long-term for Children & Families

The following is a reflection from Kate Rocke, Amara’s Associate Director of Children’s Services, who has been a valued and influential member of Amara’s team for the past five and a half years. She will soon be departing Amara for new adventures and we are grateful for her years of leadership contributing to children’s well-being in foster care.   I often hear people say the

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Let’s Talk About the Term “Foster-to-Adopt”

The term “foster-to-adopt” is a very common phrase. It refers to the process that many families go through before adopting children for whom they were first foster parents. At Amara we try to avoid the term “foster-to-adopt”, instead using “fostering and adoption”. And while this may seem like just semantics, it is much more important than that. Amara is a foster care agency. Our mission

Culture Matters: Engaging Communities of Color to Help Kids in Foster Care

by Trey Rabun, Amara's Family Outreach Specialist I’ve worked in child welfare for over eight years and, from day one, I’ve been struck by the high numbers of black children in foster care. As of January 2014, African-American children were disproportionately involved in the foster care system. From initial CPS reports, to removals, to placement in foster care, black children were overrepresented by more than

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Are you foster curious? Meet Dwayne Kruse

I am a social worker with the State in Family Voluntary Services. I always wanted to make a difference and make things better. And I thought the way to do that was to be a police officer. What I discovered is that it is the most unlovable children who need the most love. I was working in a group home with kids who had nowhere

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Are you foster curious? Meet Jeannie Kee

Growing up, I never imagined that as a teen, I would find myself a ward of the state, living with strangers, never understanding what was happening to my family or me, and then aging out of the foster care system when I wasn't ready. 10 years after I aged out, I received a call asking me to be a part of a study on foster

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Are you foster curious? Meet Trey Rabun

As soon as I learned about fostering and adopting, I was sold! From my first day of graduate school at the University of Washington’s School of Social Work. It’s all about helping a child on a local level who needs a loving home. And Amara is inclusive. When I was in school, I heard a lot of stories of discrimination against same sex couples at

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Are you foster curious? Meet Tricia Cintron

I was in and out of the foster care system for the first 11 years of my life. At 11 years old, I entered the system permanently. My sister and I were in foster care for two and a half years before we found our forever family (through Amara!). My foster/adoptive parents were told not to expect much from me as I would likely not

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Are you foster curious? Meet Joe Fugere

When we choose a community partner for Tutta Bella to work with, we ask them, “What are some of your challenges?” Amara told us that for the kids who cannot return to their families, there’s a lot of anxiety for the families and the children who go through the adoption process: months of vetting, paperwork, meetings at the office. But the day comes when the

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Are you foster curious? Meet Joyce Thomas

It’s interesting how life prepares you for things. I became an accidental relative caregiver in 2004. A couple of my relatives were placed with me and the state said it would just be a little while -- which turned into forever because I wound up adopting them. So that helped me in the work I do now. I work with the Children’s Administration at DSHS

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Are You Foster Curious? Meet Tony Olmstead

When I first moved to Seattle in 2009, I joined the Seattle Fire Department. A buddy of mine said let’s go to a concert in Ballard. So we’re standing around having fun. I was single. During intermission, a couple of girls were standing by us and I said, “Hey, how you guys doing? What do you guys do?” They said, “We work for a foster

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