On Siblings, Stability, and Being Together

I spent a shift at our Emergency Sanctuary recently, and out of four kids, there were three siblings: Two twin boys and their sister. The twins had the same birthday as me, so I told them that we were triplets. Kids inspire that sort of humor even when it falls flat. For a child, entering foster care is an upheaval: They’re leaving their parents, their

Give Big, Give Now

GiveBIG, May 3, is a big day for nonprofits like Amara – when the community comes together to help their favorite causes. This year, Amara family Sue and Dave Holt have kindly agreed to match the first 25 gifts of $100 made to Amara with a 100% match. This means that your support of kids and families will have double the impact! “We’ve been fans

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The Amara Emergency Sanctuary

Amara serves children who have been removed from their homes due to suspected abuse or neglect. Each year, more than 700 King County children, most under the age of 12, are removed from their homes by Child Protective Services or local law enforcement. Amara is working to meet an urgent need created by these unplanned removals by establishing the Amara Emergency Sanctuary. The Amara Emergency

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When Survivors Meet Heroes: A Heroic Adoption Story

Adam Cornell, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney of Snohomish County (right), honored the Nichols family with Amara's Stella Mae Carmichael Award of 2013. A few months ago when life presented me the opportunity to volunteer with Amara, I arrived with the knowledge that they helped a lot of needy kids connect with loving and diverse families. As one of the more than 600 supporters who

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Committed and Loving Parents for Every Child: a Basic Human Need

I just finished writing the last of my invitations for Amara’s luncheon on Monday, April 29. This year, I asked all my friends to attend with me—friends I made when I began the journey of motherhood nine years ago. I met them through the Program for Early Parent Support, better known as PEPS, in the hallway of my children’s schools, on the soccer field, and

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Yasmine wants a home for every child

When Yasmine turned 11, she asked her friends to make a donation to Amara rather than buying her a present. And this year, turning 12, she again asked for donations to Amara in lieu of gifts, making Yasmine one of our youngest and most loyal supporters. We asked Yasmine why she supports Amara. And we were blown away by her response! This is what she

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