Community Conversation: Addressing the Needs of Foster Youth & Families in Pierce County

Every day, foster youth, kids, and families in Pierce County face challenges that impact their ability to thrive. Join Amara and Treehouse for a Community Conversation about these issues, the work that both our organizations are doing to address them, and how you can get involved. 6:00 pm: Cocktail reception 6:45 pm: Panel presentation - hosted by Janis Avery, Treehouse CEO, and John Morse, Amara

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Kids in Foster Care Are Still Just Kids

By Katy Hill After I learned about the Amara Emergency Sanctuary on the Volunteer America website, I couldn’t stop thinking about these kids who had to be removed from their homes for their own safety. I wanted to help. So I went to an Amara Volunteer Information Meeting to learn more. I left with goosebumps after hearing stories from kids in foster care, and I

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Volunteer Profile: Jenn Listens to the Clues from Kids

With nearly a decade working with nonprofits that focus on homelessness and housing justice, Jenn saw the harsh effects that aging out of the foster care system can have on kids. So she was drawn to work at the Amara Emergency Sanctuary, a stable, safe place for kids who are suddenly removed from their homes, where she’s an evening volunteer. Being at the Sanctuary in

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Two Hours in the Lives of Kids in Foster Care

What is it like to suddenly lose all of your belongings and be taken away from all that is familiar? To have your deepest, darkest experiences written down in a file that’s passed to strangers, who then make decisions for you – and perhaps about you? Kids in foster care know all too well. And last week, Amara families, staff, and volunteers got their own

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Our courts: through the eyes of a child

When I was removed from my birth family at age 15 and placed into foster care, I felt conflicted, isolated, and that my feelings didn't matter. I had no idea what was happening to me. I just knew that I would be living with strangers, away from my sister, my family, and my pets. It was terrifying. These feelings heightened when my first foster family

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Open adoption, one son’s perspective

To answer the question What Makes a Family, we invited one family to share their story. Diane wrote about her decision to make an adoption plan. Judy wrote about becoming a mom through an open adoption. This is part two, from the perspective of the son, Damien. When I was eleven,  I was invited to take part in a foster care support group for kids who were in touch

How Lexi Adopted Her Grampa

Lexi and Grampa Dan I am the proud grandfather of Lexi, an eleven-year-old girl who came to me by a very circuitous route. On the day Lexi was born, her grandmother, who I was dating at the time,  put her in my arms and changed my life. My heart grew a little with meeting Lexi that day, and has continued to grow with her

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Face to Face at Kids’ Fest: Where Adoptive Parents Meet Foster Children

By Emily Morse A few years ago, as a volunteer at Seattle’s annual Kids’ Fest, I noticed a foster child in a wheelchair, playing basketball. A prospective adoptive family spotted the child, too, and decided to strike up a conversation with him. As they continued to spend time together, it was evident that the couple was drawn in by the child’s personality. As the event

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Holiday hugs and hardships in an adoptive family

It was mid-December, eight years ago. A few days earlier, after decorating the house and tree, I had returned the near-empty boxes to the shed. We had been waiting for our second baby. With reluctance, I placed each teeny-tiny holiday outfit back into one of the boxes before finally putting them all away. I had really hoped to have a baby home with us by

National Adoption and Foster Care Stats for 2011: many children are still waiting

The Adoption and Foster Care Analysis Reporting System (AFCARs) statistics for 2011 have just been released by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  While this data is obtained via input from non-standardized State data systems and is thus imperfect, I believe it’s still considered the best national baseline available. I have only had time to glance at this as yet, but what I

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