Helping Her Son Stay Whole: Karen and Kelvin’s Story

Karen Pillar knows what it means to put a child first. In raising her son Kelvin, she has put every emphasis on embracing the threads of his past and present, self and family, that make him who he is. "I believe very strongly that you cannot expect a child to thrive if you do not allow them to be their whole selves," she says. "Kelvin

When You Check the Box

By Angela Tucker, Amara Post-Adoption Program Manager Even though I’m hearing impaired I am a healthy adult Even though this wasn’t learned until my late childhood I was a healthy child She didn’t always eat healthy while I grew in her belly There were no prenatal visits or vitamins Still I am fine and I’m healthy You should know that still I have worth I

Envisioning Post-Adoption Support: My First Gathering With Parents

By Angela Tucker, Amara Post-Adoption Support Manager The Amara headquarters bustled with an electrifying energy, as children played on the playground, and created chalk art in the sunshine. Nearby their parents, 30 families in all, gathered with me for a special Post-Adoption Conversation. “I imagine that many of you have straddled the line between desiring more support, but feeling hesitant about re-engaging with ‘the system,’”

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For Pride and Every Day, Amara Defines Family Inclusively

At Amara, we are proud to define family inclusively. We welcome families regardless of marital status, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, home ownership, income, or education. (We love the all-gender bathroom in our new office building! See the photo above.) We know that in the eyes of a child, what matters is simple: A deep commitment to their well-being. A determination to

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The Amara Information Meeting

The Amara Information Meeting (AIM) is an incredibly important place to address all your questions and see if this is right for you. You’ll learn about our services, hear from a family who has fostered or adopted a child from foster care, and have the opportunity to have your questions answered. Application packets will be available at the meeting. AIM is offered twice a month

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Amara endorses Referendum 74: children need stable families

Proud dads Rob and Rob adopted Mirabel through Amara - they are a happy, stable, loving family! At Amara, we are serving the most vulnerable children in our communities. Children whose biological parents cannot care for them. We help these children find committed lifelong parents and help them blend into stable, loving adoptive families. Over and over again, we’ve seen the amazing leaps

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Transracialization: Creating a Multi-Cultural Family

Diversity tree: a symbol of multi-cultural families Children of color adopted by white parents do best when their white parents and siblings also take on the responsibility of being part of a multi-racial and multi-cultural family. A bold statement? Not at all. We have learned from these children that they are more confident and self-assured when their white parents and siblings are aware