A much-needed new approach for state’s foster-care system

By John Morse, Executive Director There is no shortage of reports and stories in the print and social media about the dire state of foster care in our state and throughout the country. Statistics reinforce the message: Half the roughly 9,000 children in care in Washington are 5 years old or younger, one-quarter of these children have lived in five or more homes, and annual state

Foster Care Licensing Is Getting a Technology Facelift

The process for families to become foster parents is about to get streamlined. We are helping build a new online portal that will let families log in, track their progress, and upload their own documents. Known as Oliver, it’s based on a platform by data and child welfare experts Partners for Our Children, who are developing the portal. “We’d heard from our families that it can

Reese and Jared: 2015 Stella Mae Carmichael Award Winners

The Stella Mae Carmichael award honors families who open their hearts and homes in exceptionally kind and selfless ways to our community’s children in foster care. This year, Amara was proud to have Daniel Bryson-Beane and his adoptive mom and Amara board member, Anne Bryson Doyle, present the award to Jared Mills and Reese Umbaugh at Amara’s annual luncheon From Hope to Home. Jared Mills

Born this Way: Cynthia’s 28 years (and counting!) at Amara

Cynthia Williams has a pretty good handle on the Top 40. When asked whether she always wanted to work in social services, she references the popular Lady Gaga song. “I think I was born for this…Who’s the one who says I was born this way?” Cynthia’s been serving children, teens, and families for 36 years, 28 of those with Amara. As our longest tenured employee,

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Transracialization: Creating a Multi-Cultural Family

Diversity tree: a symbol of multi-cultural families Children of color adopted by white parents do best when their white parents and siblings also take on the responsibility of being part of a multi-racial and multi-cultural family. A bold statement? Not at all. We have learned from these children that they are more confident and self-assured when their white parents and siblings are aware