Sanctuary Stories: I’m here when you feel safe…

by Amara Emergency Sanctuary Staff Recently at our Emergency Sanctuary we cared for a bright, active girl who was slow to warm up to new people. One afternoon a new volunteer came in and, at first, this child found several places throughout the house to hide. Our volunteer patiently gave her some space, telling her jokes from a few feet away to make her smile

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End of the Year Philanthropic Giving

Are you planning to donate to your favorite organizations before the New Year? We've got some ideas about supporting Amara and other non-profits this time of year! Join us as we discuss End of Year Giving with Amara's Ross Hiranaga, Director of Children's Services, and Carrie Bassett, Development Manager. Spoiler Alert: We start with some fun stories about Santa Claus that certain youngsters may not

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Sanctuary Stories: How Hair Care Products Help Kids Feel at Home

by Sarah Wheeler - Emergency Sanctuary Program Manger, Pierce County When kids are removed from their home for their own safety, everything familiar and comfortable is suddenly gone. When they come to stay with us at the Emergency Sanctuary everything there is new and unfamiliar. So we strive to learn as quickly as possible what would make children more comfortable and do our best to provide

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Nurturing Trust: My Amara Volunteer Story

April is Volunteer Appreciation Month! Join us as we celebrate our amazing Amara volunteers who ensure children entering foster care are cared for - physically and emotionally - in our Emergency Sanctuaries. by Susie Ulrickson I worked for many years as a pediatric nurse  where I learned how strong and adaptable kids are - even when faced with challenging medical issues and procedures. I learned it was

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Sanctuary Stories: Love, Patience and Understanding

by Alisha Goel, Emergency Sanctuary Volunteer Growing up, I was always searching for a volunteer opportunity that felt truly meaningful. Sorting donations and spending a day cleaning up my community felt rewarding in their own way, but I never truly felt like I could see the impact of my time. A few months ago, I started volunteering at one of Amara's Emergency Sanctuaries. The Emergency

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Sanctuary Stories: Volunteers Help Children In Crisis

We recently shared a short story on Instagram about two young siblings who arrived at our Emergency Sanctuary close to midnight. They were tired, hungry, and in need of baths. After bowls of mac and cheese, glasses of milk, bubble baths, and Berenstain Bears they fell fast asleep. Thanks to the incredible work of our Emergency Sanctuary volunteers, the younger child woke up smiley and ready

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Happy Kids = Happy Volunteers

By Britt, Amara Emergency Sanctuary Volunteer I discovered Amara while researching volunteer opportunities, specifically ones where I could have a positive impact on vulnerable children in my community. I was a little nervous on my first day as an Emergency Sanctuary volunteer, as it had been several years since I had last worked with children professionally. My concerns were immediately put to rest when I

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Thank You Volunteers! You Make Our Emergency Sanctuary Possible

By the Amara Emergency Sanctuary Team We have served over 400 children at Grandese’s Place, the Amara Emergency Sanctuary in Seattle, in just two years - and we couldn’t do what we do without the support of our incredible volunteers. There were so many heartfelt, bittersweet, and magical moments: Baking a strawberry cake for an 8-year-old‘s birthday because he always had that cake for

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The Moment “Sanctuary” Truly Made Sense

By Hope Cohen, Emergency Sanctuary Program Coordinator Things don’t stay quiet long at the Emergency Sanctuary, where my colleagues (including volunteers) and I are caretakers to kids who have just been removed suddenly from their homes for their safety. Kids stay with us at the Sanctuary while they wait to either go home or to a foster family. At the Sanctuary, we try our best

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