We believe in the power of stories! Scroll down to learn more about our work through the words of our families, staff, and supporters.

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Family Stories

There is nothing we can say that is more powerful than what our families and their kids say in their own words. Watch their stories below and visit our blog to read more!  

Grayson’s Story: A Foster Family and Birth Family Come Together.“Our situation is unique,” says Jonathan Biron about the close relationship his family has with their son Grayson’s biological family. “But it doesn’t have to be.”

Hannah, Robbie, Stevie, Jackson & Lyle. With a profound openness to birth families, and through the difficulty of reunification, the Shafer Family’s commitment to supporting their children is inspiring!

Adam, Jaylen & Jade. Through challenges and uncertainties, the Swanson-Diamond family persist and thrive together!

Alex, Brittney and Baylen. With help from his parents, Alex tells the story of his experience with foster care and adoption.

Darren. After 12 years in foster care, Darren found a loving and supportive family with Carrie and Christine.

Jade. After seven different foster placements by the age of eight, Jade met JoAnn and everything changed.

Program Stories

We work to ensure that children and families impacted by foster care and adoption are supported throughout their journey. The videos below tell the story of this work.

The First Few Days: When children are removed from their homes and placed in foster care, it is traumatic and uncertain. The video below explores what one child’s experience could be like during those first few days and how Amara seeks to offer support, nurturing, and care to children when they first enter foster care.

Amara’s Emergency Sanctuaries support children immediately after they are removed from their homes and placed in foster care. We offer a safe, temporary, and loving space to kids, giving families and state social workers more time to find the best long-term option for them.

Amara’s foster families provide safe and stable homes for children for as long as they need. They are supported every step of the way by our Foster Care Specialists who offer expertise and ongoing, personal support throughout their foster care journey.

Post-Adoption Program: When adoptive parents are asked questions in front of their children, like, “Is she your real daughter?” we can be certain that the adoptee is listening! So, how do we prepare adoptees for these inevitable questions? By being child-centered in our approach, every step of the way.

STAR Adoptee Mentorship Program

We know that being with others of a shared identity is powerful! Through group mentorship, participants have an opportunity to form a healthy adoptee identity. Through monthly STAR activities, youth adoptees find support, guidance, and friendship of others.