Search and Reunion Information

Under Washington State law, a search for an adopted person’s birth relatives when a reunion is desired, must be conducted by a Confidential Intermediary (CI) who has received training and become certified by passing an examination.  CIs generally have experience in adoption or social work or both. The CI uses available information from the adoption records and attempts to locate the desired person.  Written permission of the found person must be obtained before identifying information can be released.  Amara will work with a CI of your choosing to assist that individual in accessing your files.

On July 28, 2013, a new law (SHB 1525) took effect in Washington state that allows all adoptees to obtain original (pre-adoption) birth certificates. It also expands the options birth parents have for releasing their identity or keeping it confidential.  Birth parents can now file contact preference and medical history forms with the Department of Health.

Amara Forms

Medical Information:

If you were adopted through Amara, we can access your file and provide you with a medical history of your birth family. The breadth of this report will be limited to the information provided in the profile.  We will, however, provide you with all pertinent medical information that is reported. To begin this process, download this form (Request for Information).

Non-Identifying information:

If you are an adoptee over the age of eighteen and were adopted through Amara, we can provide the non-identifying information in your file. The information in our files varies considerably, but it may include: physical descriptions of your birth relatives, the relationship of your birth parents, facts pertaining to your birth, and medical information. It may also include the circumstances surrounding your placement.  You should be aware that the completeness and accuracy of the information also may vary. To begin this process download this form (Request for Information).

Waiver of Confidentiality:

Whether you are an adoptee, birth parent, or birth sibling, Washington State law permits you to have a Mutual Consent form placed in your case record. If a matching form from your birth relative is already in the record or is received at a later date, it is possible for identifying information to be released to both parties.