Our Work


The well-being of kids is our sole focus.

For nearly 100 years, Amara has been focused on the needs of our community’s most vulnerable children: kids who need a safe and loving family. Today, we are more committed than ever to ensuring kids remain at the center of the work in the foster care system.

Our programs and initiatives ensure kids in foster care have the best chance of finding the stability, comfort and love they deserve—as quickly as possible, and for as long as necessary.

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Fostering & Adopting

We guide, prepare, and support families who are willing to provide a stable, long-term, loving home for kids in foster care. That process always begins by becoming a foster care provider.

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Emergency Sanctuary

Our Emergency Sanctuaries provides a temporary home to kids who were recently removed from their home for their own safety. It is a safe place for kids to land that gives families and state social workers time to find the best long-term option for the child.

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Post-Adoption Support

Adoption is just the beginning of a whole new family journey. Our Post-Adoption Support program works to ensure that every adoptee and family has the resources they need to thrive, including a strong community of adoptive families that learns from, celebrates, and supports each other through all the stages of life.

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Open Door

Foster families provide life-changing care for vulnerable kids, yet their efforts often go unappreciated by the greater community. Open Door aims to change that by partnering with businesses and community to extend tangible benefits to foster families, and raise awareness of their invaluable work.

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