Mission, Vision & Programs

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Our Mission

Amara works to ensure that every child in foster care has the love and support of a committed family – as quickly as possible and for as long as each child needs.

Our Vision

All children in foster care realize their full potential when they feel safe and secure with a loving family, experiencing stability, well-being, and permanence.

Our Values


We not only respect but actively seek differences in backgrounds and diversity in perspectives. We believe that building a sense of belonging for children helps pave the way for a promising tomorrow.

Serving children in foster care with open hearts and minds


We are optimists. Inspired by the resilience of children we serve, we imagine that a bright future is within their reach. We believe that strong, stable families offer them the best chance to grow and succeed.

Passionate in pursuing happy outcomes

Courageous Leadership

We are prepared to take risks, to be held accountable, and to make long-term commitments no matter the reward. In collaboration with partners, we believe in removing systemic barriers and challenging the status quo.

Taking on challenges, daring to be brave and bold


We have a strong, time-tested history of addressing the needs of children in our community. We believe in providing unconditional support to families so that they can be at their strongest for the children.

Always pushing for lasting change

Our Programs

Foster Care & Adoption

We guide, prepare, and support families who are willing to provide a stable, long-term, loving home for kids in foster care. That process always begins by becoming a foster care provider. We ask families to commit for as long as each child needs, whether that’s a month, a year, or a lifetime.

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Emergency Sanctuaries 

Our Emergency Sanctuaries provide a temporary home to kids who were recently removed from their home for their own safety. They are a safe place for kids to land that gives families and state social workers time to find the best long-term option for the child.

More Info about our Sanctuaries

Post-Adoption Services

Recognizing adoption as a lifelong experience, Amara’s Post-Adoption program works to ensure that adoptees and those who love them receive support in order to promote stability and fulfilling family relationships.

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Open Door

Foster families provide life-changing care for vulnerable kids, yet their efforts often go unappreciated. Open Door aims to change that by partnering with businesses and community to extend tangible benefits to foster families and raise awareness of their invaluable work.

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