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Our Fees at a Glance

At Amara, we are dedicated to providing your family with the highest level of care for an affordable fee. We follow a thoughtful, comprehensive process focused on creating the most prepared and supported families for children in need of a safe, stable homes.

As a nonprofit organization, we work to minimize fees to our families. In fact, our services to families and children cost a great deal more than we take in through our client fees. Our fees are kept low, thanks to the support of generous, committed donors.

The fees to work with Amara are outlined below. Keep in mind that your costs will be reduced by the monthly state stipend for foster parents, the Federal Adoption Tax Credit and Washington State adoption support. In addition, your employer may be part of the growing number of companies that offer financial assistance and benefits to support foster and adoptive families.

To remove even more barriers to becoming a foster family, and support more children who need it, on September 1, 2017, we reduced our fees considerably. If fees present a financial challenge for any prospective family, those fees may be waived.

Amara Fees *

Application – $300

Covers the cost to process your application and establish your fostering and adoption file with the required documentation.

Family preparation + Child-family support – $1,200

Fee contributes to the cost of our family preparation services, including training, home study, foster home licensing, and review and submission of documentation. The fee also contributes to the cost of our services to place a child or children into your home, support the ongoing adjustment and placement with your family, and prepare final documentation.

Total fees: $1,500

Fees effective as of September 1, 2017

* If you are an Amara family who is returning within two years from the date of file closure, you will not pay any further fees.
* If you are an Amara family who is returning after two years from the date of file closure, you will only pay the $300 application fee.

For questions, please contact Trey Rabun: trey@amaraputskidsfirst.org or 206.260.1732