by Jen Kamel, Amara’s Director of Children’s Services

Amara’s 2017-2019 strategic plan goal is “to be accountable for every child who comes into our care until they are in a safe, stable home dedicated to their lifelong well-being.”  This is an ambitious and exciting goal that I am thrilled to support.

In an effort to support this ambitious and exciting goal, we embarked on a discovery process to learn more about what kind of new program or service we could implement to be more accountable for the well-being of children in foster care. We began by forming an internal Well-Being Task Force that led our efforts throughout our nearly year-long discovery process. Under the leadership of the Task Force, we “defined the gap”: identifying the missing pieces for improving children’s well-being while in foster care.

In order to create Well-Being Programming that would truly address the need, we engaged community experts, seeking input from a wide audience of people with varied experiences interacting with the child welfare system. We held a series of panels, focus groups, and community conversations with community partners, service providers, local and national experts, foster parents, alumni of foster care, and parents who have successfully navigated the child welfare system.

We then established program goals, built out our programming, and began implementing services in 2018. For more information on our how we are moving forward, please see the pdf below.