5 Hopes for Children in Foster Care in 2018

It’s time to say good-bye to 2017 and look ahead with bright-eyed hope and energy to 2018! At Amara, our hopes and plans for 2018 are, as always, for children in foster care and the families who care for them. There’s a lot we can do together to improve the well-being of children entering and experiencing foster care, as well as children who have been

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Culture Matters: Engaging Communities of Color to Help Kids in Foster Care

by Trey Rabun, Amara's Family Outreach Specialist I’ve worked in child welfare for over eight years and, from day one, I’ve been struck by the high numbers of black children in foster care. As of January 2014, African-American children were disproportionately involved in the foster care system. From initial CPS reports, to removals, to placement in foster care, black children were overrepresented by more than

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