3 Ways Amara Removes Barriers to Fostering Children

Happy New Year! 2020 rings in a new year, a new decade, and exciting changes at Amara. As a private, nonprofit organization committed to supporting and fostering the wellbeing of children in foster care, adoptees, and the families who love them, we know how important it is to consistently examine our organizational policies to be sure they are helping us achieve these goals. We also

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Take Action: Speak Out Against Discrimination

As a member of the Amara family, you know our mission is to prioritize the wellbeing of children in foster care and adoptees; and support the families who love them. And who are the “families who love them”? Foster families, birth/first families, and adoptive families; as well as kinship caregivers.  All people need and deserve a strong, stable, loving family to help us grow into

Amara selected as 2018 Angels in Adoption Honoree

We are thrilled to be selected as Washington State Representative Adam Smith’s 2018 Angels in Adoption® Honoree for our unique contribution to supporting Western Washington’s most vulnerable children and families! “Congratulations to Amara for being recognized as a 2018 Angel in Adoption. Amara has positively contributed to the lives of countless children in the foster care system throughout our region,” said Representative Adam Smith. “As an adoptee

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In Support of LGBTQ+ Foster & Adoptive Families

Yesterday, an anti-LGBTQ federal funding bill for the Department of Health and Human Services passed out of committee. The bill included an amendment that would allow child welfare agencies that receive federal funding to discriminate against prospective foster and adoptive parents based on the agency’s religious beliefs. We feel a responsibility to speak up on behalf of children in foster care and the families who

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2018 Stella Mae Carmichael Award Recipients: Diana & Sergey Chudak

Diana and Sergey Chudak are changing children’s lives every day. They began working with Amara in 2015 and, over the course of three years, they have welcomed 12 children into their lives, caring for them and supporting them for however long is needed. One child has been with them two years. Another just arrived last week. Diana and Sergey have also provided short-term care for

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5 Hopes for Children in Foster Care in 2018

It’s time to say good-bye to 2017 and look ahead with bright-eyed hope and energy to 2018! At Amara, our hopes and plans for 2018 are, as always, for children in foster care and the families who care for them. There’s a lot we can do together to improve the well-being of children entering and experiencing foster care, as well as children who have been

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Hot Off the Press – Our Very First Issue of The Crossroads

Katherine Joseph, Partnerships & Events Associate The very first issue of The Crossroads – Amara’s Quarterly Bulletin has now hit inboxes. We’re launching this new community newsletter to prompt dialogue, collaboration, and innovation throughout the child welfare field. This forum will be a platform to share inter-organizational news and resources, and to highlight original writing from professionals and stakeholders advocating for children and youth. What to look

Reaching for the STARs: Launching the Amara Adoptee Mentorship Program

By Angela Tucker, Amara Post-Adoption Program Manager On my first day at Amara, I was greeted by an Excel spreadsheet: A program outline created by 12-year-old adoptee Davon Carroll. The document was entitled TSSP, which stood for “The Stay Strong Project,” and it was a proposal for a new mentorship program for Amara adoptees, many of whom were in foster care. Davon’s detailed outline included

A much-needed new approach for state’s foster-care system

By John Morse, Executive Director There is no shortage of reports and stories in the print and social media about the dire state of foster care in our state and throughout the country. Statistics reinforce the message: Half the roughly 9,000 children in care in Washington are 5 years old or younger, one-quarter of these children have lived in five or more homes, and annual state

Local Youth Paint “A Journey of Love” for Amara – and Safe Passage for Themselves

By Nell Abercrombie, Communications Coordinator We are excited about our new community mural, now welcoming visitors to our home in the Rainier Valley neighborhood! The 104-foot painting, located in front of our headquarters right next to Martin Luther King Jr. Way, has already been inspiring smiles and photos from those passing by. We commissioned the mural to symbolize the journey children take through the foster care system,

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