A New Building & A Fond Farewell

by Therapeutic Childcare Specialist, Martha Buchta-Spevack During the past 4+ years, the first location of our King County Emergency Sanctuary (on a tree-lined residential street in Beacon Hill) has welcomed almost 1,000 children. On a few occasions, a child has stayed with us at the Sanctuary more than once. The typical stay has been 5 days, but we’ve had a few children for as few

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Appreciating Amara’s Amazing Volunteers!

by Alex Ropes, Volunteer Manager Since joining Amara as Volunteer Manager in August of last year, I have come to realize that we have some of the most incredible, passionate, and infinitely dedicated volunteers I’ve ever encountered. It’s easy to see how much every one of our volunteers cares about children. Whether it’s spending time with children at the Sanctuary, helping at fundraising events, supporting

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Join us to dream big for kids in foster care

by Maureen Sorenson, Amara's Pierce County Director I am honored to share with you an exciting opportunity to dream big together for children and families in Pierce County who need support. I have worked with children in foster care for two decades. Today, we are standing at the precipice of a potentially game-changing moment for children and families, unlike anything I’ve seen before! In 2018,

National Social Worker Appreciation Month!

"A 3-year-old or a 5-year-old is not going to remember my name or the name of the agency I work with...I don't necessarily want that kid to remember me but I do want them to remember feeling loved and cared for in their home and to walk with their foster parents to help them create that environment."  - Ryan Karnoski, Amara Foster Care Specialist Listen

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Appreciating Social Workers!

by Nicole Mazen, Director of Foster Care Services The Foster Care Team would like to thank all of the social workers here at Amara and our partner organizations (including DCYF - Department of Children, Youth and Families, our fellow child placing agencies, CASA) as well as independent therapists and others who work tirelessly to support children and those who love them. We are a team

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2019 Stella Mae Carmichael Award Recipients: Aaron Edwards & Sarah Reker

Aaron Edwards and Sarah Reker have a long history as foster parents and started working with Amara in 2015. Since then, they have adopted three children from foster care, provided respite care to six children, helped one child reunify with their birth family, and are currently fostering another child. They have experienced the full variety of outcomes when taking in a child in foster care,

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We Stand in Opposition to Discrimination

Amara is an open and affirming foster care organization and values all our foster families for the love and care they provide for children. We stand in opposition to discrimination of any kind—especially discrimination that prevents prospective foster parents, including LGBTQ people, single parents, or those who practice a faith other than Christianity, from caring for children who need a stable and supportive home. This

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End of the Year Philanthropic Giving

Are you planning to donate to your favorite organizations before the New Year? We've got some ideas about supporting Amara and other non-profits this time of year! Join us as we discuss End of Year Giving with Amara's Ross Hiranaga, Director of Children's Services, and Carrie Bassett, Development Manager. Spoiler Alert: We start with some fun stories about Santa Claus that certain youngsters may not

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Sanctuary Stories: How Hair Care Products Help Kids Feel at Home

by Sarah Wheeler - Emergency Sanctuary Program Manger, Pierce County When kids are removed from their home for their own safety, everything familiar and comfortable is suddenly gone. When they come to stay with us at the Emergency Sanctuary everything there is new and unfamiliar. So we strive to learn as quickly as possible what would make children more comfortable and do our best to provide

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Instant Family – To See or Not to See?

Instant Family is a new film in theaters now that chronicles one couple's journey becoming foster parents in the hopes of adopting. The film is based on director Sean Anders’ personal experience adopting three siblings from foster care with his wife. It has received a warm welcome from online reviewers and has been lauded by adoption agencies as a great recruitment tool that realistically presents

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