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Racial Justice in the Foster Care System: We Can Do Better

By Trey Rabun, Family Outreach Specialist The overrepresentation of children of color – especially African American and Native American children - in foster care is a systemic failure that must be addressed. In a recent interview with Q13 Fox news, Ross Hunter, Washington state’s Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF) Secretary, called on our community to do just that: “I think you should be

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Trey and Jen’s Fostering Experience

"I think there is something unique that LGBTQ folks can provide for kids..." For this Podcast, we sat down with two Amara staff who are also proud Foster Parents and part of the LGBTQ+ community. They talk about their experiences as foster parents, Amara's participation in the 2018 Pride Parade, and advice for people in the LGBTQ+  community interested in becoming foster parents.

My Mind Was So Loaded, It Nearly Exploded

by Angela Tucker, Director of Post-Adoption Services It’s 2:30am on Tuesday morning and Lucretia is doing laundry while humming the tune of The Band Played On, a popular song of 1895. Casey would waltz with a strawberry blonde And the band played on. He'd glide 'cross the floor with the girl he adored And the band played on. But his mind was so loaded it

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In Support of LGBTQ+ Foster & Adoptive Families

Yesterday, an anti-LGBTQ federal funding bill for the Department of Health and Human Services passed out of committee. The bill included an amendment that would allow child welfare agencies that receive federal funding to discriminate against prospective foster and adoptive parents based on the agency’s religious beliefs. We feel a responsibility to speak up on behalf of children in foster care and the families who

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Separating Families: Amara’s Response

Dear Amara community, As we write this, we are heartbroken about immigrant and refugee children being separated from their families at our nation’s border. Although President Trump has signed an executive order halting the practice, there are thousands of children already impacted. As an organization that supports children in foster care, we know all too well the trauma caused by separating families. We cannot stand

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Voices from Foster Care: Wanderley Ceschim

As a single man, Wanderley Chesim wondered if he would be accepted as a foster parent. Now Wanderley's family has grown to include 5 young men and he's become convinced that all types of families are needed for kids and youth in foster care. He reflects here about his journey of foster parenting.  Wanting to Do More At some point in my life I was

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Fostering Equality: The Ramsey Family Story

Matthew and Scott Ramsey created their family through fostering and adoption - and they want to ensure all families are given the same opportunity. We're honored to share their story for Pride Month 2018! It’s a common story: two people meet, fall in love and want to create a family together. Of course, for couples who do not fit the heterosexual, cis-gender mold, creating a

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Voices from Foster Care: The Davidsons

 "Navigating It Together" In honor of Foster Care Awareness Month and Mother’s Day, we are sharing the stories of seven amazing parents through foster care. These parents inspire and challenge us! We are so grateful for their dedication and love. Nolan Davidson is a force of nature. Vibrant, lively, and quirky - his personality is infectious and much bigger than you’d think would fit in

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Voices from Foster Care: Lisa Blackmore

"No Such Thing as Too Loved..." In honor of Foster Care Awareness Month and Mother’s Day, we are sharing the stories of seven amazing parents through foster care. These parents inspire and challenge us! We are so grateful for their dedication and love. Lisa Blackmore has been passionate about foster care since she was a teenager. That’s when her family started welcoming babies into their

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