Over the course of a week, a team from IKEA Seattle transformed two of our most important meeting rooms into fun, comfortable, welcoming spaces.

Our Giraffe room is now full of child-friendly furniture and toys, and the icing on the cake is – what else? – a giant giraffe stencil on the wall.

Amara Giraffe room IKEA makeover

Elephant is stocked with sleek furniture, setting us up for productive meetings.

Amara meeting room IKEA makeover

These two rooms are regularly used by staff and volunteers and family visits, and for birth/foster/adoptive family visits. We’re so excited to have warm and friendly spaces for these important gatherings.

Last but not least, our courtyard is now a refreshing, comfortable place for staff to relax or work outside in nice weather.

Amara courtyard IKEA makeover

We’re proud to be winners of the 2016 IKEA Life Improvement Challenge: Each year, IKEA staff and customers vote for their favorite public service nonprofits. Winners get a makeover that will support their efforts to improve the lives of others in their local community.

Many thanks to IKEA and the wonderful IKEA Seattle team!