Five years ago, our daughter Kari and her husband Kelly adopted Michael through Amara. They were his foster family for a year. He’s now seven years old. Kari and Kelly fostered a few young children before Michael came to them. We simply wanted to support them as a family through that process. It’s an emotional time and when a little one comes into your life, it can be a big change.

We live in Oregon and they live in Washington State so we made trips up there to get to know Michael. When we went up to be present at the adoption hearing, it was a big day of celebration and we were happy to be a part of it and welcome Michael into our family!

We’ve been so impressed with the level of support Amara gave Kelly and Kari in the first months and years. Now, we all give back to the organization. In fact, our daughter Kari works with Amara as a Family Outreach Coordinator. As much as we can, we see Kari, Kelly, and Michael. We have four grandchildren: two boys in Seattle and two girls here in Oregon. I guess the most fun we have is when we get together and watch all of the grandchildren play together!

In celebration of Foster Care Awareness Month in May, we are highlighting the extensive network of support that surrounds the child in foster care. From foster families to extended family members, to teachers and foster care youth advocates. We appreciate the unique strengths and skills that each role brings to ensure that children in foster care have the love and support they need to thrive. We salute you!