For over three hours yesterday, Amara staff learned and discussed how we could better support families and children in foster care.

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s All Children – All Families project led the workshop on improving LGBTQ cultural competency. We heard from a family who embraced learning about mentoring and caring for a gay foster youth, and also from LGBTQ youth in foster care on the critical support and understanding they need. More importantly, it was a great opportunity for us to share and acknowledge our own bias , and renew our commitment to always put the needs of children in foster care first.

Our primary goal is to find loving families for the children. We know there is no “typical” foster child: Kids in care come from all communities and backgrounds, and we want our families to reflect those demographics. And most importantly, in the eyes of a child, “family” is not defined by social conventions, but by a commitment to love, support, and acceptance.

Workshops like this one, and initiatives like our Cultural Competency Committee, inform how we work – what we say and how we behave, both with one another and with our community. And ultimately, they are part of our values and culture that help us welcome and meet the needs of each and every family and child with whom we work.

We are proud to be re-certified as a Recognized Leader in Supporting LGBTQ Families. Learn more about HRC’s All Children – All Families project.