As soon as I learned about fostering and adopting, I was sold! From my first day of graduate school at the University of Washington’s School of Social Work. It’s all about helping a child on a local level who needs a loving home. And Amara is inclusive. When I was in school, I heard a lot of stories of discrimination against same sex couples at foster care organizations. Amara works proudly with all families: same sex couples, single parents. It’s about love, not what your family looks like.  

I’ve been at Amara for six years now. I’m the Family Outreach Specialist, which basically means I talk to people about the need for more foster families. It’s definitely a unique path that not many take because fostering and adopting can be more challenging than other paths. My partner and I are also foster parents and have been for a little over a year now. We currently have a two-year-old in our care and we also had him last summer for about a week (he went to stay with a family member in between). We also had a 4-month-old come to us last fall and he reunited with his parents three months later.

Family reunification is the number one goal so I know that can be scary for families who foster but I tell them: embrace their fostering journey and give a child (and yourself) a gift!

I am a former social worker, current foster parent, and Amara’s Family Outreach Specialist.

In celebration of Foster Care Awareness Month in May, we are highlighting the extensive network of support that surrounds the child in foster care. From foster families to extended family members, to teachers and foster care youth advocates. We appreciate the unique strengths and skills that each role brings to ensure that children in foster care have the love and support they need to thrive. We salute you!