When we choose a community partner for Tutta Bella to work with, we ask them, “What are some of your challenges?” Amara told us that for the kids who cannot return to their families, there’s a lot of anxiety for the families and the children who go through the adoption process: months of vetting, paperwork, meetings at the office. But the day comes when the adoption is finalized.

The light bulb went off for us – what better way to celebrate forever families than to say: “We’ll feed you! You can come to our restaurant and celebrate!”? So we created the Forever Family meal program where, when the adoption is finalized, the family gets a complimentary meal at Tutta Bella. We didn’t expect that we would be impacted as much as we were. The family has a great experience but we have staff members cry at the end of the meal because they see the magic that happens at the table.

We sponsor Amara’s annual luncheon fundraiser and we like to get involved with their events. We brought a team of volunteers to their Seattle Emergency Sanctuary and did a yard and house clean-up day. Tutta Bella has an added aspiration to inspire others to give back. It doesn’t stop with us doing something good! People say it’s a cliché but it’s so true with Amara: how can you not feel good about doing whatever you can to help families come together?!

I am a community partner, donor, volunteer, and supporter of kids in foster care and foster/adoptive families.

In celebration of Foster Care Awareness Month in May, we are highlighting the extensive network of support that surrounds the child in foster care. From foster families to extended family members, to teachers and foster care youth advocates. We appreciate the unique strengths and skills that each role brings to ensure that children in foster care have the love and support they need to thrive. We salute you!